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The Ultimate Wedding Destination

For Dream Wedding, a wedding to remember

Spread over two acres of lush green orchards and beautifully land scaped grounds, with tranquil water bodies and a cascading waterfall, the Pavilion is easily the most exotic wedding destination in town.
The soothing ambience of this verdant green farm house has a calming effect on your nerves and relaxes you instantly.
The classy decor transforms the garden into a Royal Palace in a matter of moments.

The Pavilion offers mouth watering cuisine at down-to-earth rates. Ideal for Receptions, Banquets, Conferences and other large and small functions, the Pavilion boasts of 5000 sqft. of covered space in addition to its 2000 sqft. Banquet hall and 4 comfortable A/C rooms.
It is a spacious venue that can accommodate more than 1000 guests and has parking space for over 100 cars.

As the sun goes down, the twinkling fairy lights come to life, transporting you to a dream world, the strains of the shehnai floating on the cool night air. The stage is set for 2 soul mates to become one.

So come, make your loved one’s dream come true.

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Welcome to The Pavilion !!..

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Welcome to The Pavilion !!..